Hyannis and SPEWS

On Saturday, Becky and I drove down to Hyannis to visit our friends Jeremy and Angela. They are getting married on March 6, so we helped them out with some wedding preparations while we were down there. We also had a very good dinner of pepperoni pasta and caesar salad. As usual, I had the camera with me, so there were ***some photos|http://gallery.prwdot.org/hyannis*** taken as well, including a couple nice photos of Jeremy’s cat Georgia, and some ***really cool shots of sunset|http://gallery.prwdot.org/hyannis_sunset*** over the Cape (Jeremy and I went on a little photography expedition while the girls were working on some crafty things).

As for the Wood family, life continues mostly as normal with one notable glitch in recent days. Because of a problem with ***NAC|http://www.nac.net/***, which is ***Site5|http://www.site5.com/***’s network provider, Site5’s mail servers were among a list of other servers added to the ***SPEWS|http://www.spews.org/*** database. This database is used by some (but not many) ISP’s to determine if incoming mail is from a known spammer. Apparently, some of NAC’s customers were marked as spammers, and as a result, SPEWS added most, if not all, of NAC’s customers to its blacklist — whether or not they actually sent spam.

Because of this, we may have trouble sending email to some of our friends, family, colleagues, and others… some of you may have already received a test message, and we appreciate your replies as we try to determine the extent of the effects of this blacklisting. If you have received a test message from us, and have not yet replied, please do so.

The only solution for this problem is for NAC to terminate the accounts of its customers who are guilty of sending spam. That does seem to be working, so hopefully our email will be healthy again. In the meantime, if you receive email from either of us from an unusual address, don’t be alarmed. And if you’ve been expecting an email from us, but haven’t received it yet, it might be good to check with us to see whether it’s been sent.

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