Good Plans and Bad Plans

Good Plan:

Our web hosting provider, ***Site5|***, just upped disk capacity and bandwidth across all of their plans. We now have 1.5 gigabytes of storage space instead of 550 megabytes. Woo-hoo! It’s a good thing, too, because our photo albums were taking up just about 500 megabytes of that space. This should keep us happy for quite a while. And they were able to offer this upgrade without any price increases! Yay Site5!

Bad Plan:

Our recently-new HMO, ***Tufts Health Plan|***, on the other hand, has changed their prescription drug plans. One of the allergy medicines I take, ***Rhinocort Aqua|***, was just moved from Tier 1 (least expensive) to Tier 2 (second most expensive). This means it now costs $25 instead of $15. Unfortunately, there are no Tier 1 options that are equivalent to Rhinocort Aqua, so I am kind of stuck in that respect. Add to this the fact that ***Allegra-D|***, which I used to take, was raised to a Tier 3, which means $40. When that happened, I switched to ***Alavert-D|***, a generic brand of ***Claritin|***, which works just as well as Allegra and only costs $15 for 24 tablets. (Both Claritin and Alavert are available without a prescription, as well, so I never have to worry about getting the prescription renewed, at least for that half of my drugs.)

Boo to Tufts Health Plan! And, I suppose, boo to allergies for making me have to take this stuff!

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