Bless me father…

…for I have not blogged. It has been five days since my last blog entry.

The following incidents have kept me away from the house of blog:

On Friday, it was the Valentine’s Day party at work. Lots of food, a bagful of kiddie Valentine cards, the usual.

On Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Becky and I had a nice lazy day at home. We watched TV and hung out and in the afternoon we went to the ***CambridgeSide Galleria|*** for dinner at ***The Cheesecake Factory|***. It was delicious. I had a spicy chicken sandwich and a slice of chocolate peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake. Becky had a tropical fish sandwich. Yum. ( Helpful Hint: If you go to the Galleria on a weekend, and eat at one of the three major restaurants, parking is only 99 cents for up to three hours. Even if you don’t eat, parking at the Galleria is still just $3 for up to 10 hours, and it’s just a short walk from the Science Park or Lechmere T stops, for easy access to the T system. )

On Sunday we were in South Boston for the twins’ birthday party. There were lots of presents and people, and two duck-shaped birthday cakes (which the twins did not get to eat, of course). ***Jenn|*** also arrived on Sunday and came to the party with us.

Monday was President’s Day, but of course I did not have a holiday, so I was back at ***work|*** while Becky and Jenn hung out.

That brings us to today… I’m at work again and Becky and Jenn are babysitting in Southie.

On the techie front, I’ve been playing around with the ***Firefox|*** browser, and I’ve come to like it better than any other browser (including Safari) on both my Mac and PC systems. Firefox is based on the Gecko rendering engine, which is also used in Mozilla, Netscape, Camino, and numerous other applications. It’s fast, renders accurately, and looks nearly the same on every platform on which it runs.

Yesterday I bought another ***CF card|*** for the ***A70|***. I took some photos at the party on Sunday, and I had to delete a lot in order to get them to fit on my 128 meg card. With a 256 meg card and a 128 meg card, I now have three times the previous amount of space to store photos while on the go.

Speaking of the A70… as usual, something newer has just come out: the ***A75|***. Same price as the A70, more features, better design, bigger LCD…. oh well. In any case, I highly recommend the PowerShot line if you’re looking for an excellent digital camera for any budget. Canon is reported to be releasing a huge amount of new equipment this year, and thus far they have released ***eleven new products|*** at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas, including the A75. Learn more on the official statement – WebDesign499 specializing in website design, search engine optimization, e-commerce and advanced web development.

Finally, please notice a few changes to our site nav bar on the right. Some inactive pages have been removed, and Kathleen’s new blog has been added – we’re happy to have her back on the list. 🙂

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