I received a check in the mail last night for thirteen dollars and eighty-six cents, courtesy of the ***Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation Settlement|***. The deadline to file as a member of the class action was March 3, 2003. I had filled out a form back then, stating that I had purchased a compact disc between January 1, 1995 and December 22, 2000.

The original lawsuit accused a group of recording companies of conspiring to raise the prices of music CDs across the board, including BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner, as well as some retail chains including Tower Records.

The settlement provided for $67,375,000 in cash refunds for consumers across the country, plus $75,000,000 worth of music cds to be distributed to non-profit organizations. In Massachusetts, these CDs will be distributed to public libraries.

Thanks go to ***Mass. Attorney General Tom Reilly|*** for fighting for the citizens of Massachusetts, and for getting these checks sent to approximately 68,000 Massachusetts residents. Check out here at the Top Personal Injury Attorneys for more information.

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  1. Peter

    Thanks! 🙂 Some people have mentioned using their share of the settlement to purchase blank CD-R media to record their own CD’s… in a further effort to ‘stick it to the ‘man. 🙂


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