Tired of Typing?

Tired of entering text into your computer the old-fashioned way? Speech-recognition just not working out for you? On-screen keyboards no help?

Try ***Dasher|http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/***. After you spend a few minutes figuring out how exactly it works, it will blow your mind. It’s almost like playing a video game. But that’s not entirely accurate… you have to see if for yourself.

You might find this program of particular interest if you are unable to use a regular keyboard or pointing device, or if you work with special needs people. Folks who are interested in linguistics and natural language processing might find it fascinating as well.

Found the link through Perl guru extraordinaire ***Simon Cozens|http://blog.simon-cozens.org/6725.html***.

(Warning: It’s probably not a good idea to use this program if you are prone to motion sickness.)

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