Big Box Brouhaha

All of this recent chatter about ***Gmail|*** and ***Yahoo! Mail|*** has got me thinking about my own email storage situation. Rather than re-post my thoughts here, I’ll just point you to my recent comment on Slashdot’s article about Yahoo! Mail’s new 100 MB email storage limit:

***”Why do you have so much email?”|***

It’s got a moderation score of +3 (+1 of those being my own Karma bonus), so I think it’s worth reading. 🙂

One thought on “Big Box Brouhaha

  1. Will

    I’m totally with you on the storage thing. The only time I ever came close to using my 6 MB at Yahoo! was before they made it so SPAM doesn’t count towards your limit and I couldn’t get to my computer for a week and a half. Still, the idea that I could use up 1GB makes me smile.


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