Thanks to an inexpensive aftermarket eBay part, free labor from Ken, and a few pointers from the Haynes ’92-’96 Camry repair manual, the driver’s side window in my car is working once again! Hooray! No more opening the door when going through toolbooths or drive-thrus!

In other news, the web-based newsfeed aggregator ***Bloglines|*** is ***celebrating its first birthday|***. In celebration, they have revamped the look and feel of their site, and have introduced some new features. The most notable of these is called the Clip Blog, which allows you to post to a blog hosted at Bloglines, and is directly integrated with the blog reading service. When you read a new blog item in bloglines, you can easily post about it in your Bloglines clip blog by clicking a simple link. Take a look at ***my clip blog|*** for an example.

I use Bloglines every day to help keep me up to date with websites all over the net, without the hassle of visiting every website. I prefer it to newsreaders such as ***NetNewsWire|*** on the Mac and ***SharpReader|*** on the PC simply because the interface is the same no matter where I go, and I can access it from any web browser without the need to install a piece of software.

If you are a Bloglines user, you can easily subscribe to World Wide Wood by using the special Bloglines links on the left hand side of our page. Of course, you can also manually subscribe in Bloglines or in your preferred newsreader with the other RSS links, also located to the left.

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