Dunkin Domination

If you live in the Northeast, you already know the extent to which ***Dunkin Donuts|http://www.dunkindonuts.com/*** dominates the coffee/donut/bagel marketplace. In the past few weeks, DD has expanded its reach yet again in the city of Beverly. There are now a total of eight DD franchises in our fair city (that I’m aware of). They are indicated by red dots on the map below:

ppp|Beverly DD
Dunkin Domination|ppp

That’s eight DD’s in roughly 2.5 square miles of land. 3.2 DD’s for every square mile. Beverly’s population in 2000 was 39,862, so that puts approximately 5000 Beverly residents to each DD.

DD has been making other moves, too. I recently noticed that the QuiKava coffee hut on Highland Ave. in Salem was just recently taken over by DD.

And their donuts aren’t even that great. Hopefully ***Krispy Kreme|http://www.krispykreme.com/*** can make some inroads – but at this point there are only 3 KK’s in the whole state of Massachusetts.

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