Becky and I arrived safely in Ohio on Saturday evening. Our trip from Beverly to Mount Vernon took about 14 hours and about 22 gallons of gasoline (1.5 tanks – not bad!). Saturday night we played UNO Attack, which was interesting but not quite as good as the original UNO.

We went to Hope Community church on Sunday to hear Mark preach on “Bodybuilding 101”. Afterward we zipped down to Columbus to see Kirsten and Elizabeth compete in a tennis match. Everyone then went to Graeters for ice cream, where we all entered their contest to win a pint of ice cream every week for one year. 🙂 Sunday evening we watched Spider-Man 2 with Mark, Kirsten, and Dad… it was excellent. Becky and I ended the night by visiting ***Will|http://pulchersentio.prwdot.org/*** at Taco Bell (oh, and eating some Taco Bell too).

Today Becky and I took an excursion to Newark to see the Moundbuilders park and the ***Longaberger|http://www.longaberger.com/*** Company home office, which just happens to be located inside a giant, seven-story-tall wicker basket. 🙂 Tonight we are headed up to ***Cedar Point|http://www.cedarpoint.com/*** to experience some roller coaster madness.

It’s been a fun and relaxing trip so far, and it’s great to be in Mount Vernon after more than a year. Becky has had the fun side benefit of being able to check out a lot of photos from my earlier years… 🙂

We’ve taken some good photos, but we probably won’t upload them until we get back to Beverly or have access to a high speed connection, whichever comes first. 🙂

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