More Congrats!

I would also like to congratulate two other fellows whose blogs I follow:

***Chad Everett|*** (who also wrote the ***Bloglines Toolkit|*** Mozilla/Firefox plugin) for winning third place in the MovableType contest for his ***Notifier|*** MovableType plugin.

***John Gruber|***, author of the ***Markdown|*** MovableType plugin, who tied with Chad for third place in the same contest.

Kudos and congrats to everyone involved! As much crap as I’ve given SixApart for their changes to the licensing schemes, I think this contest was a great way to reward people for doing great work in the area of plugins.

Of course, since the contest was to write plugins for MovableType 3.0, I won’t be able to use the newest versions of these plugins… but I guess I can stick with the old versions for now.

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