Goodbye, Hello

The combination of a broken FireWire port, potentially expensive repairs, “old” age (over 2.5 years), diminished storage capacity, and a limited time 0% APR offer on our credit card helped us to decide that it was time to purchase a new Apple iPod.

Apple 20GB 4th Gen iPod|ppp

We bought it at the Rockingham Park Apple Store in beautiful, tax-free New Hampshire. It’s all synced up with the latest tunes, as well as calendar and contact information via iSync.

iPodResQ buys used iPods in any condition, so hopefully we can get a few bucks out of the old one.

Here’s to many more years of on-the-go music!

Full photo gallery can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Hello

  1. Ken F

    I’m sure you are extremely dissapointed that you had to buy an ipod. I bet Becky had to force you to get one and make you listen to it too? (I’d type this comment in “green” for envy, but I don’t know how to do that!)
    Thanks for the g-mail invite. We had to order Panther to be able to use it, so hopefully after Tuesday we’ll be g-e-mailing (instead of “gelling”)

  2. Will

    I can’t say I’m not jealous. Though…. There is an Apple Store just an hour away on the train…. And I am nearing the point where 30 GB just isn’t enough to hold music and graphics projects and other stuff…. And I do get a hefty paycheck in about a month…. Nah. Right now I’ll just stick with being jealous. I can’t quite justify an expenditure that huge at this point in time. Maybe it will be my recontracting gift to me, if such a time should come.


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