Firefox Site Update

Check out the new ***|*** website! Featuring EZ-Download of their awesome web browser, ***Firefox|***. Though ***Safari|*** is still my personal choice on the Mac platform, I think Firefox is the best choice on any other platform. Especially on Windows. And especially instead of Internet Explorer.

I must say, I am very excited to see that only 52.9% of our site visitors are using IE! The rest of our visitors are split fairly evenly between Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari.

And for the other 52.9% of you – ***Browse Happy!|***

2 thoughts on “Firefox Site Update

  1. Bob

    I love Firefox, but haven’t entirely switched yet, mainly because I occasionally switch from browsing files on my hard drive to web surfing with IE simply by typing a URL into Windows Explorer.

    The only thing I really dislike about firefox (which maybe fixable) is that while surfing, “Ctrl” + “N” brings up a new windw with the Home page, not the URL that you are at.

  2. Peter

    I guess I can understand the file browsing thing.

    In Firefox, new windows or tabs open to the Home Page by default. The Home Page can either be set to a specific URL or to a blank page. As far as I know, there’s no way to make Firefox open a new window to the page you’re currently on. Personally, I’ve always disliked that feature in Internet Explorer. I don’t understand why it is useful – why would I want to open a second copy of the page that I’m on? Seriously, I’m racking my brain and I can’t think of any instance where I’ve ever had a need for two copies of the same exact page to be open.

    In any case, I’ve moved away from the separate windows model to the tabbed browsing model. The only advantage I can see to separate windows is (and this is only if you’re using a Windows OS or some UNIX gui that mimics Windows) that it gives you separate taskbar icons for each page you’re viewing, where with tabbed browsing you only get one taskbar icon. One key advantage tabbed browsing has is that when you open a new tab, you’re not creating a new instance of the browser, so you’re not taking up as much system memory as with IE, where a new browser instance is launched each time a window is opened. So it doesn’t bog down your system as much.

    I use Firefox at work, since I have to run Windows XP there. The only time I use IE at work is just before I launch a new feature, I test it in IE since that’s what most of our customers are browsing with.


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