Fall TV Lineup

Everybody run for the hills! Next week begins the onslaught of fall TV premieres. Hundreds of shows are premiering, many of them new, but few of them worth seeing. Here’s what we will probably be watching this fall…

8 pm on WB: 7th Heaven

8 pm on WB: Gilmore Girls

9 pm on UPN: Kevin Hill
10 pm on NBC: Law & Order
10 pm on CBS: CSI: NY

8 pm on CBS: Survivor 9
9 pm on NBC: Apprentice 2
9 pm on CBS: CSI
10 pm on NBC: ER

8 pm on CBS: Joan of Arcadia
8 pm on UPN: Enterprise
9 pm on UPN: America’s Next Top Model 2

8 pm on CBS: Amazing Race 6

8 pm on NBC: American Dreams
9 pm on NBC: Law & Order: CI|qqq

Obviously, we’ll have to do some VCR taping on some nights, or just not watch some episodes. or whatever. Also, some of the shows are completely new, and we may end up not liking them. We’ll see.

I’m most excited about the fact that it appears Amazing Race will be starting a whole new season almost immediately after its current season ends! It’s really one of the best shows on TV, and definitely the one Becky and I look forward to seeing the most.

American Dreams has also been an excellent series so far, and last season left us with an incredible cliffhanger. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

Enterprise has been moved to the Friday 8 pm time slot, which usually means an impending death. While I have enjoyed the series so far, I can understand if they have alienated (no pun intended) some of their audience by mucking around with the space-time continuum and over-sexing the series. I at least want to see them explain last season’s bizarre cliffhanging “Alien Nazi” twist.

Ay, ay, ay… So many shows, so little good shows.

One thought on “Fall TV Lineup

  1. jayseae

    I agree that a new Amazing Race season will be terribly exciting, especially after such a long delay between seasons 4 and 5. What has us wondering is how they’re going to do it. The race has typically seemed to be over well before airing.

    Of course, with the break between seasons 4 and 5 airing, it’s possible that they ran another race that’s already “in the can”, and that’s what we’ll be seeing. The recent casting, in that case, may be for a 7th season. Or perhaps they will edit weekly(ish) and do a live(ish) finale, similar to Survivor. In any case, it’s looking exciting…


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