Cookies Fixed

My apologies – when I first implemented the new cookies feature, I had not set up the expiration dates properly, so your cookies were probably lost when you closed your browsers. This would have made it look like there were 440+ new entries every time you visited the site. I have fixed the problem, and now your cookie should be stored properly even after you quit your browser. Phew.

To those reading this via RSS feed, this will have no impact on you. Only people visiting the site directly in a web browser will see this.

Also to you folks reading this via RSS feed, you might also be interested in subscribing to the RSS feed for blog comments. Stay up to date on not just new entries to our blog, but also any new comments on our blog entries!

One thought on “Cookies Fixed

  1. jennifair

    First of all, the fact that they call them “cookies” is funny enough. Then you add the fact that we probably “lost our cookies.” he he. 🙂


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