Fired-Up Fox

Firefox, the cross-platform web browser, has registered over 1,000,000 downloads in the ten days since its 1.0 Preview Release! I’m glad to see that the world has come to the realization that there is a choice other than Internet Explorer, and that they’re downloading a very well-made browser to replace it.

You can do the same – if you’re viewing our website (that is, you’re not reading this by way of an RSS newsreader), just scroll down the page until you see the ridiculously huge Firefox banner ad on the left. Give it a click, and follow the links to download Firefox! The link on that banner helps track just how many people have downloaded Firefox by way of the ad on my website. So far, that number is two… a small number, but when added together with the thousands of other promoters, it means a lot!

If you’re a Mac user, feel free to experiment with Firefox. It’s pretty good, but I would still recommend Safari as the best browser on the Mac. Either one is certainly preferable to IE.

Of course, don’t let me stop you from switching to Mac OS X so that you can use Safari… now that would be excellent.

3 thoughts on “Fired-Up Fox

  1. Will

    I’m gonna second the stick-with-Safari notion. Though, Firefox did tend to load things a bit faster for me, it doesn’t have some of the features I like (such as having the option of bookmarks bar folders that automatically open all of their contents in tabs), not to mention that it’s ugly as sin. These were also my problems with Camino, for the most part.

  2. Peter

    The one thing Firefox offers that I wish had some equivalent in Safari is the plugin architecture. That which allows me to use Chad Everett’s excellent Bloglines Toolkit and Chris Pederick’s Webdev Toolbar is a Good Thing.

    Firefox does look pretty heinous on the Mac, but on Windows it actually looks really nice. Too bad for Firefox!


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