What is wrong with this thing?

So this morning I was importing some older CD’s into iTunes so that I could sync them with my iPod. I have iTunes configured so that when a CD is inserted, it automatically grabs the song titles from the ‘net, extracts all of the audio content from the CD, and then ejects the CD when finished. It plays a little sound when it’s done so that I don’t have to keep checking to see how far along it is.

Well, this morning I kept coming back in to find iTunes showing a message “Some of the songs on this CD have already been imported. Do you want to replace them?” I wasn’t quite sure why that would happen, so I chose “Yes,” then left and came back later. Each time, it repeated the same message for the same CD over and over.

Not until the fourth time I was prompted did I realize why this was happening. I have an external CD-ROM/CD-RW sitting on my desktop behind my keyboard. I happened to have pushed my keyboard back far enough so that it was right in front of the door of the CD-ROM drive. So, every time the CD was ejected, it popped out, hit the keyboard, and was automatically pushed back in. iTunes thought it was another CD to be imported, so it tried to re-import all of the tracks, and that’s how I got the message.

Gahh. Time to wake up and get to work!

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