Amazing Finish!

Many congratulations to Chip and Kim for winning Amazing Race 5! It was really a bit of a miracle that they won – they were pretty far behind after some very strenuous athletic competition, but out of sheer luck, the fact that they were the last to make airline reservations turned out to be their key to winning. After the other teams had already booked a flight from Calgary to Dallas, that flight was delayed by two hours due to a foggy forecast. Chip and Kim discovered this when they called to make reservations, and they were able to book an alternate flight that arrived in Dallas just 15 minutes earlier than the delayed flight the rest of the teams were on. That gave them the edge they needed to get to the finish line first!

Becky and I couldn’t be happier that our favorite team won, but this morning we were disgusted to see Colin and Christie, our least favorite team, upstage Chip and Kim on CBS’s Early Show. All four final teams were on the show, and after a brief interview where he stated that they were given a “bad edit” that portrayed Colin as a “maniac” and Christie as a “submissive girlfriend,” Colin got down on one knee and proposed to Christie, right on live TV! Blah, blah blah.

As for the other teams, we’re happy to see that the Bowling Moms got as far as they did (fourth place) – what an inspiration to their kids and families! The best all-female team in Amazing Race so far. And Brandon and Nicole…. eh. Never really cared about them. They can go back to being silly Christian models, and maybe some day they’ll get married (p.s. you two, you’d better book separate rooms on that vacation you won!).

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  1. jayseae

    Have to say that we were a bit disappointed in the editing of Chip and Kim last night as well. Several times found Chip doing more of the Colin stance – bragging about their position, talking smack and the like. I enjoyed him the rest of the race much more than last night. Don’t know if he’s always been that way, and they just edited him in such a way that you never saw it, but it was a bit disappointing.

    As to Colin? He is a maniac. 🙂


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