Help Us Decide: Which Whale Watch?

This weekend is Trails and Sails, where a bunch of communities in Essex county hold free events highlighting area history and culture. Many area companies give away a limited number of tickets for attractions on which they normally charge admission. Last year, for example, Becky and I went on a free trip on board the Schooner Lannon. The day was very foggy, but it was still a neat experience!

This weekend, we wanted to try something different, so we’re thinking about going on a whale watch, something neither of us have ever done! The question is, “Which Whale Watch?” There are two competing whale watches giving out 50 free tickets each:

qqq|Search for the Whales, Gloucester

Time: Saturday 8:30am also Sunday at 1:30pm [Note the time change from the online brochure (print brochure is correct)]

Location: Gloucester

Hosted by: Atlantic Yankee Whale Watch

Event length:4 hours

Age requirement: 2 and over

Participant limit: 50

Join Atlantic Yankee Fleet for an exciting whale watch. Through our association with CORE (Center for Oceanic Research and Education), our goal is the preservation of marine life and their habitats through education and stewardship. Leave your harpoon at home and join us to mingle with nature’s gentle giants! Bring sunscreen and rubber-soled shoes, and dress in layers.|qqq

(Yankee Fleet’s website)

… or …

qqq|Whale Watch with Captain Bill, Gloucester

Time: Saturday 8:30am also Sunday at 8:30am

Location: Gloucester

Hosted by: Captain Bill & Sons Whale Watch Fishing and Cruises

Event length: 3.5 hours

Age requirement: All ages

Participant limit: 50

Join Captain Bill and his crew for ed-venture in whale watching that you will never forget! We guarantee sightings and have a whale museum and public education exhibit for you to browse dockside. Captain Bill has been providing exciting and educational whale watching for all ages since 1959. Bring your Non-slip shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a camera.|qqq

(Captain Bill’s website)

Yankee Fleet sounds more professional and scientific, and they have a pretty decent looking website. Captain Bill, on the other hand, sounds much more kooky and fun, and he guarantees sightings! Both places normally charge $34/person for their Whale Watch, so in terms of dollar value they would be the same. Both leave at around the same time from the same location. Yankee Fleet won the “2004 Governor Leadership Award,” whatever that is. Captain Bill’s claims the best whale sighting rate around. Yankee Fleet has a “hydrophone” so that you can hear the sounds of underwater life.

Help us decide, readers – Yankee Fleet, or Captain Bill’s? Leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Help Us Decide: Which Whale Watch?

  1. Amy

    Cap’n Bill! I like the name better. For some reason, it puts me in mind of the “Pirates who don’t do anything” song from VeggieTales. “I’ve never walked the gangplank and I’ve never swabbed the poop deck” and you’ve never been on a whale watch… I’m assuming that you’ve been to Boston in the fall, however.

  2. jennifair

    I agree. Cap’n Bill sounds like fun. The other, at least in description, sounds stuffy. And you’re guarenteed to see whales! Woo hoo! Wish I was up this weekend to tag along – I’ve never been, either!

  3. Chris

    We like Seven Sea’s Whale Watch, one of the 1st whale watches in the area. The key here is comfort – their new boat is fast and comfortable. Yes the whales are fascinating, exciting and educational to watch, but just being able to spend a nice summer day tooling around on the ocean sometimes is worth the fare. Family owned, friendly, We think the best Cape Ann Whale Watch is 7 Sea’s Whale Watch.

    Seven Sea’s Whale Watch
    Rogers Street, Gloucester


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