Gallery Re-Org

I am now finished with the reorganization of our photo gallery.

Hopefully it will be more manageable for me and easier to browse for you. You can browse an album called ‘Events and Gatherings’ if you’re looking for party photos, event photos, or that sort of thing. Or, you can wander around the globe by using the ‘Travels’ album. Admittedly, some of the ‘Travels’ albums are contrived… I created a France album, but the only thing in it is the photos I took when we were at Charles de Gaulle airport for half a day on our honeymoon. Of course, that can just serve as an incentive to go there ‘for real’ some day. 🙂 (Becky has been there with her family, and is much more travelled than I in general. But we don’t have any of her “pre-us” photos online. Yet.)

As always, you may also use the search box at the top of the main gallery page to find specific albums or photos. I’m sure there must be a way to put the search box on every gallery page, so I’ll look into that.

I’ve also attempted to make some album names more uniform, and I’ve split up some albums that were previously together in order to make the fit in the new scheme. If you think something is missing, just let me know.

Go check it out!

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