If you’re viewing our website, you might notice that it has been, well, beheaded. Our photo on the left has been chopped off. This is my fault, and it is an accidental side-effect of the website redesign that Becky and I are working on right now. I usually make separate copies of our site code to work on so that we can see the new design without messing up the old design. Well, I accidentally edited one of the files for our old design instead of the corresponding file for the new design, and saved the file before I realized what I had done. I could easily have my host restore the old version of our page from a backup, but I’d rather just get the redesign done soon. At which point we won’t be needing that photo anymore. I hope you’re all okay with that for the next few days. 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for our new look, coming soon to a web browser near you!

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