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I was looking up some information in my Yahoo! address book this morning, when I noticed a little ad to the side of the page – “Enter the Address Book Sweepstakes”. Intrigued, I clicked through. Apparently, Yahoo! is running a contest where if you add at least three new people to your Address Book, you will be entered for a chance to win one of three adventure vacations. So I thought I’d sign up, because hey, who wouldn’t want a free vacation?

The only problem is, I can’t think of three people I’d actually want to add to my address book. I went through my address book, and I discovered that I literally have everyone that I’d ever need to contact in there – all of my family, friends, co-workers, doctors, businesses I deal with on a regular basis. The only people I don’t really have in there are those folks who I have only met “online”. Not because I never want to contact them, but because I have a very good memory for email addresses, screen names, and websites. The stuff I have in my address book is stuff I don’t generally remember, like mailing addresses, phone numbers, that kind of thing.

I suppose the saddest thing of all is that this exhaustive list totals only 89 people.

Anyway, I’ve looked over the official rules, and it seems that there is nothing stopping me from adding people I don’t really know, or don’t intend to contact, to my Address Book. In that case, I can think of plenty of celebrities whose names I could add to my book. Just as long as I don’t have to bring them on the trip with me.

As an aside, I want to give kudos to whoever wrote up the copy describing each of the vacations. Short, but very clever.

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