63,072,000 Seconds

It started long before the rehearsal, and before the delicious rehearsal dinner. We started dating on September 16, 2000, and got engaged on May 14, 2002. But our married life together began 63,072,000 seconds ago, at our wedding.

After we celebrated with our guests, we journeyed through France to Spain, and even to Gibraltar.

We came home to settle down in our new neighborhood, Beverly, Massachusetts. In Beverly, we’ve endured some cold days, and even weathered a nor’easter.

From Beverly, we again made some journeys – some across the state, and others across the country. We climbed mountains, sailed to islands, even visited the battlegrounds of the American Revolution.

Other days are less adventuresome but no less wonderful. From the days we spend at home, while you make crafty things for me and for others, to the days where you endure me tearing apart computers.

What I mean to say, in all of this, is that I’ve loved every second of the past two years with you: the good ones and the not-as-good ones, the ones at home and the ones far from home, the ones not spent in your presence, and the ones with you by my side. You are my support and my shelter and my hero. As I said two years ago on this day:

qqq|My Becky,

I promise to love you when you feel unlovable, to support you when you
feel alone, to cry with you when you are disappointed, to laugh with you
when you are joyful, to challenge you when you feel content, to be
courageous for you when you are not feeling brave and to dream with you
about the adventure of our life together.

To you alone I pledge my heart, my life and my love.

These promises I make to you today and for as long as we both shall live.|qqq

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