Today was a day of many “meetups” for me.

First, I met up with ***Nikki|*** and Matt in Boston. We walked around the city for a bit and I showed them where Becky works. Next, the three of us met up with Nikki’s cousin Tom and his wife at ***Trident Booksellers and Cafe|*** on Newbury Street for brunch. After (a very light) brunch, Nikki, Matt and I strolled down Newbury to ***Fire and Ice|*** for a late lunch, where we met up with ***PhotoMatt|*** and ***Sarah|***. Fire and Ice is a much better deal at lunch time… at dinner it’s around $17, but is only $7.95 at lunch. Finally, the five of us walked a few blocks back up Newbury to ***Tealuxe|*** for the ***Boston WordPress Meetup|***. There were nine people at the Meetup:


* Me
* ***Nikki|*** (***Nikki’s blog entry|***)
* Nikki’s Matt
* ***PhotoMatt|***
* ***Sarah|***
* ***Matt May|*** (***Matt’s blog entry|***)
* ***David Clark|*** (***David’s blog entry|***)
* ***Ben Brophy|***
* Marty Rozmanith


Discussion ranged from upcoming features in WordPress, to Matt’s work at c|net, to Mac OS X, to the unbearably cold weather in Boston (according to the PhotoMatt and Sarah). The company was excellent and I would love to attend this or any other Meetup again. I would encourage everyone to check out ***|*** and find or start Meetup groups in their areas. Other groups on my docket for possible attendance are the Boston Mac, iPod, PHP, and Movable Type meetup groups.

All in all it was a very long day, and after leaving Beverly at 9:30 a.m., I finally returned at 11 p.m. The photos from today are available for ***all to enjoy|***.

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