New Sounds

We really enjoyed the soundtracks from two movies we’ve recently seen: ***The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou|***, and ***In Good Company|***. So we purchased the complete soundtracks on the ***iTunes Music Store|***, for $9.99 each.

Goodcompany Lifeaquatic

Both have some really great, listenable music. Life Aquatic has some nutty Casio-tone keyboard songs, as well as some contemporary hits rewritten into Portuguese as performed in the film by Seu Jorge, one of the ship’s crew members. Good Company has a good selection of very mellow music by artists such as Iron and Wine and David Byrne, and some nice original compositions from the score by Stephen Trask. Both are highly recommended for your listening enjoyment.

One thought on “New Sounds

  1. christine

    On the Life Aquatic soundtrack — I do believe the casio keyboard stuff was done by Mark Mothersbaugh, whom you may know from DEVO (whip it!) and also from the nickelodeon cartoon “Rugrats.”

    He has done tons of move stuff.

    I’m glad you liked life aquatic — have you seen Wes Anderson’s first movie Bottle Rocket? It is on my short list of best movies ever (with Office Space and Raising Arizona).


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