My (Self-Assigned) Title

Chief Purchaser Of Unnecessary But Nonetheless Yummy Grocery Items

I think that the proclivity that caused me to assume this title is something that I picked up after 20 years of living with the King POUBNYGI, my father (Mom, I am sure you can chime in with some examples…). Becky is usually far too sensible, health-conscious, and thrifty to make such purchases herself, so the extremely difficult task usually “falls” to me.

Tonight I picked up a bag of “Hint of Lime” Tostitos, a package of AriZona diet iced tea mix, and two half-gallons of Edy’s ice cream. (Side note: at Stop and Shop, there is almost always at least one brand of ice cream that is on sale. This time it was buy-one-get-one-free for Edy’s ice cream.)

A POUBNYGI’s job is never done.

5 thoughts on “My (Self-Assigned) Title

  1. jennifair

    You rock. Good for you… I am often more like Bec, but sometimes things like that need to be done. I approve, and of all choices! 🙂

  2. Mom

    Its only a problem when there are two buyers of the delicious in a family!!!! Congratulations on assuming the title… I fussed but always enjoyed. I just got an email about chicken kickers waiting at home. Love you, MOm

  3. Angela

    Is it always the men who assume that role? I can remember one time about a year ago that Jeremy came home with $75 dollars worth of “groceries” — and I still didn’t have anything to make for dinner. But I agree with jennifair: sometimes things like that need to be done… and they might as well be done by the most talented person!


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