Off-Street Parking

When they say off-street parking, I’m not sure this is what they have in mind:

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0157|Nice job…|ggg

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0158|Nice job…|ggg

I saw this in the morning as Simon and I were leaving to work at the ***warehouse sale|***. But I didn’t have time to stop, so I called Becky up on the phone to ask if she could come out and take it when she had a chance. My sick but brave wife was good enough to go outside and snap some pics of this fabulous parking job. The truck is actually parked in a guest parking space in our apartment building’s parking lot… unfortunately, the guest spaces are half-covered with snowpiles, so this person did some, shall we say, creative parking.

Hee hee.

2 thoughts on “Off-Street Parking

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  2. jennifair

    You know, since it’s a Jeep (the pic’s a little fuzzy in terms of telling if I’m 100% right) you should submit it to the Jeep people! I only wish I had thought of something so brilliant when I was up last weekend in the snow!


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