A cheap, portable digicam?

So as my regular readers know, I recently ***purchased a new camera|http://prwdot.org/archives/002432.html***. This camera is considerably larger and less-portable than my previous camera. It certainly won’t fit in any pocket of any article of clothing that I own, and I wouldn’t want to attempt to carry it everywhere. I’ve been looking for a nice, big, not-quite-professional-grade camera like this for a while, and I’m loving it.

My previous camera, the Canon Powershot A70, was portable, but not really all that portable. Though it could fit in a pocket, it was not terribly comfortable to carry, and it was also relatively heavy, what with four AA batteries. So I never really considered it a ‘portable’ camera. In any case, I just sold it to ***Corey|http://corey.prwdot.org/***, so it’s out of the picture (no pun intended).

So what I’m looking for now is a small, inexpensive (less than $100) camera that can do at least 640×480 resolution… the type of thing I can keep in a pocket and take everywhere, to take photos on those occasions where I don’t have the Big Kahuna tagging along. My current phone, the ***Sanyo SCP-8100|http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=293***, has a camera built in… but the quality and size of the photos leave quite a bit to be desired. They are usually muddy, out of focus, grainy, and their resolution is a lot lower than my 640×480 minimum. There are some other camera phones out there with better quality, but I don’t know about pricing.

Any suggestions?

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