I Heart Bloglines

My “I Heart Bloglines” t-shirt arrived in the mail yesterday, and I proudly wore it to work today. I didn’t get a single comment on it, though. Either everyone already knows about Bloglines|http://www.bloglines.com/, or they don’t care, or they’re too afraid to ask. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I sit facing a computer screen for 90% of the work day, so nobody can see the front of the shirt. Well, here it is:

ggg|grab_bag/P1000608|I Heart Bloglines|ggg

These t-shirts were part of a promotion|http://blog.ask.com/2005/02/welcome_bloglin.html run by Ask Jeeves|http://www.ask.com/, shortly after they acquired Bloglines. Here’s to free stuff!

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