Spring forward? Oops.

For the first time ever in my memory, I forgot to set the clocks forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time before we went to bed last night.

I woke up early, before the alarm this morning. I went into the computer room, and in the course of my morning blog-readings, I read ***Mike’s blog entry about DST|http://refugeisland.net/archives/2005/04/02/daylight-savings-time/***. Yikes! I hadn’t even noticed that the clock on my computer was an hour ahead of the alarm clock in our bedroom, since I was still in a foggy sleepy state. Well, I immediately went to wake up Becky so that she could get to work on time, and I went to change all of our clocks around. Thankfully, I woke up early enough so that we won’t miss anything.


One thought on “Spring forward? Oops.

  1. michelle

    I forgot about it until it was too late and church had already started… whoops!

    In the fall I was an hour early.

    I think this comes from living in Saskatchewan for 5 years and not having to deal with DST.


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