Fully-KVMed Workstation

My Workstation
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Our KVM puzzle is finally complete, now that we’ve got a mouse that works with the KVM. We ended up getting an ***AOpen Five-Button Optical Wheel Mouse|http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=26-156-007&depa=0*** for $11.24 from NewEgg. I was led to believe from the product description that it was a PS/2 only mouse, but, in fact, it was a USB mouse with a PS/2 adapter, just like the previous Microsoft mouse that we tried to use. This mouse, however, works with no problems. So we’ve been able to ditch the dedicated mice, and we now have a fully-KVMed setup – one keyboard, one mouse, and one monitor for two computers. w00t!

The mouse, by the way, is a great value. You can feel that the plastic used in its construction is pretty cheap when compared to a MS mouse, but it’s still very useful. In Mac OS X, we can use the excellent ***USB Overdrive|http://www.usboverdrive.com/*** tool to gain access to all of the buttons on the mouse. So I have the two extra ‘side’ buttons mapped to volume up and volume down, which is incredibly useful.

The photo in this post shows what our complete workstation setup looks like. If you click the photo, you should be taken to a flickr page with annotations describing all of the various system components. Enjoy!

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