USS John F. Kennedy

fff|ppp|Peter on the JFK

Peter on the flight deck of the USS JFK


I had read yesterday in the Boston Globe that the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy would be [making a port of call in Boston](, and that the Navy would be opening the ship up to for public tours. Since Becky and I are fascinated by any sort of big machine, we planned to go down to Boston today to see it. After waiting for almost two hours in line in the chilly air, and under overcast skies, we finally got to go on board the ship. The experience was terrific! There were all sorts of aircraft and other military vehicles on display, and we got to ride the giant elevators up and down from the hangar deck to the flight deck… really cool. We were quite impressed. You can see the full photo gallery [here](

On an unrelated note: If you haven’t already, make sure you scroll backwards and read [Becky’s travelogue of our recent trip to Russia]( It’s got a very good summary of what we did over there, and should help explain some of the photos in [the gallery](

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  1. Ben


    As a crew member of the JFK, I really enjoyed you pictures of my ship. I work in Engineering Department, keeping all the lights on and supplying power to the elevator ride you took.
    The City of Boston really made me feel welcome and appreciated for all the hard work we do fighting terroism on the front lines. Glad you got to see “Big John” first hand.


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