Catching Some (J)Z’s

I’m sure someone has made this observation before, but I’ve always been intrigued that three well-known personalities of the internet age share the same first and last initials, JZ:

Jeremy Zawodny|, a Yahoo! employee since December of 1999. He is currently a MySQL guru on Yahoo!’s platform engineering team. Jamie Zawinski|, one of the most important contributors to Mozilla and Netscape, and currently proprietor of the DNA Lounge| in San Francisco. Jeffrey Zeldman|, web standards guru and web designer extraordinaire. Founded Happy Cog Studios| I received one of his books as a Christmas gift.

I wonder what connections these guys have, if any? I’ve only found one page| so far that has all three names on it. If the three JZ’s got together in one room, would the Internet implode? Perhaps they have been together in one room – anyone know? Am I missing any JZ’s? Will any of the JZ’s actually find this post? We shall see. 🙂

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