Photographing Strangers

Becky had to ***work|*** today, so I drove her in to Boston and took the opportunity to walk around a very steamy, hazy city. My objective today was to try and take photos of random people. Now this is something that I don’t have much practice with, and I’m not comfortable doing it yet. Buildings, landscapes, statues, they’re all easy to photograph. They don’t move, and they’re not self-conscious, so they make great subjects for photography. People I’m acquainted with are also fairly easy to photograph… if they’re comfortable enough with me, I can get some really great shots. But photographing people I don’t know, particularly attempting to do it without them being aware, can be very difficult and intimidating. People get weirded out if some stranger points a camera at them. I try my best to snap photos when people aren’t looking at me, or from far away enough that they can’t tell I’m aiming at them – which is made easier by using a zoom lens. But if I try to take the shot too quickly, the camera jitters, and the shot comes out bad. So it’s something I’m working on, and I’d be grateful for any suggestions on taking candid photos in public places.

In any case, ***here’s the gallery|***. I did my best to stick to the people-only plan, but there were a few non-human subjects that were just so tempting I couldn’t resist.

Also, I thought a fun idea might be to provide your own captions for the people in the photos. To do this, view the gallery at the link above, and click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo. You will see a comment field under the photo, so just put your name in the Commenter box, and your caption in the Message box, and submit the form. Be imaginative… I wouldn’t expect any less from our readers. 🙂

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