July 4: On The Vineyard

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We had a lovely weekend on the Vineyard. We went to the beach, went for walks, sat on the porch, ate, read, watched multiple Cape Cod fireworks celebrations, and generally had a nice relaxing time. We were even fortunate enough to experience NO traffic on the way down, and NO traffic on the way back. What luck! I had plenty of time for shootin’ photos, as you can see ***here|http://gallery.prwdot.org/vineyard_20050704***… but I still had time to get to read pages 1 through 228 of 291 in aaa|The River Why|1578050847|aaa, eat lots of food, go swimming and kayaking, play Trivial Pursuit (in which I was whipped by Becky), and hang out with the family.

4 thoughts on “July 4: On The Vineyard

  1. christine

    So glad to see gordonoids still reading “The River Why…” which is an annual read for me and the book I gift out most to people.

    Reading it outloud to one another is a wonderful thing to do — my roommate from Gordon and I read it outloud one weekend in 1989 while lounging around a lake in new hampshire. good times. good laughs. great literature.

    Thank goodness for the oregon extension.

  2. Rebecca

    Christine, I didn’t realize that you were an OE’er. I am too, fall of 1999. I am a huge fan of the River Why… have read it several times, gotten my parents to read it and, finally, Peter. I’m glad that he is liking it.

    Now that I think about it, I haven’t met anyone out there who didn’t go to the Oregon Extension who has read it (or the Brothers K) besides those I’ve recommened it to. Maybe we should start a large scale campaign!

  3. Melanie

    There is a reason why you got whipped by your wife. Unless the game has changed, it’s the same one that’s been there for years, and she’s got the questions memorized. 🙂

  4. Rebecca

    ahem! I do NOT have the questions memorized! I just happen to be extreemly well versed in the topics covered in the 1970’s Genius version of Trival Persuit.

    It may be that, on occasion, I am asked a question that I had been asked previously, in which case, I’d know the answer. But should I be punished for having such a good memory??


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