Pardon Our Dust

First, in case any of you tried to access our website from 8:30-9:30 a.m. EDT today, I apologize. The machine runs on at ***Site5|*** was down. As a reminder, I have an externally-hosted blog set up on ***Blogger|*** at which I will ***post updates|*** in the event that there is an outage on In the event of an extended/catastrophic outage, I can even have all requests for redirect automatically… but I most likely won’t go through that trouble unless the downtime exceeds more than a couple hours. This blog also has an Atom feed, so you can subscribe to it in your favorite news aggregator.

Second, if you have noticed the appearance of our site being a bit funky in your web browser, that’s because I’ve been doing a bit of tidying in the underlying XHTML and CSS code of our site. I have been reading ***Jeffrey Zeldman|***’s excellent book ***Designing With Web Standards|***, and have been compelled to do a lot of cleanup and reorganizing. If everything is working normally, things should look basically the same as they did before. The changes are almost totally under the hood, so unless you’re a real XHTML/CSS geek, there’s not much to see. (If you do want to see, you are more than welcome to ‘View Source’.)

If things are still looking weird in your browser, just hold down the shift key and click your browser’s refresh or reload button. That should clear things up. If it still looks weird, then please leave me a comment with the version of your OS and browser, and the nature of the problem you are seeing.

One thought on “Pardon Our Dust

  1. Angela

    I’m glad you said something, Peter, because your website started looking funky right after I had finished messing with mine — I was trying to figure out what I had done to my browser!


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