We’ve got some celebratin’ to do today!

ggg|mystic_meetup/IMG_9862|Happy Anniversary, Bob and Leah!|ggg

Bob and Leah are friends of ours from ***Gordon|http://www.gordon.edu/***. Bob lived in ***Tavilla Hall|http://www.gordon.edu/about_gordon/buildings_tour/tavilla.htm*** with ***Jeremy|http://www.thebiggspicture.org/*** and me during our senior year, where we spent many an hour hanging out in their room playing computer games and discussing theology. Bob and Leah were the previous tenants of the apartment we’re currently living in. We haven’t seen them much since graduation, but we did get to see them twice last year – once when Bob and I were groomsmen in ***Jeremy and Angela|http://www.thebiggspicture.org/***’s ***wedding|http://gallery.prwdot.org/jeremy_angela_wedding***, and again in the winter for our ***meetup in Mystic, CT|http://gallery.prwdot.org/mystic_meetup***.


Happy Birthday, Scott!


Scott is a cousin on my dad’s side of the family. He lives in NYC and works as a composer, as you can see at ***his website|http://www.scottethier.com/*** (I had considered counting him in our earlier survey of family members with personal website, but his website is not really personal in the same way that ours is… it’s more of a business/portfolio site.). He is available for a multitude of musical services, including composition, arrangements, and coaching. Just ***drop him a line|http://www.scottethier.com/allFiles/contact.htm***!

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