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S dnem rozhdeniya! (Happy Birthday!)

I don’t know if we got that right… but the sentiment is the same!

ggg|gostinyy_dvor/P1010761|Kim, Peter, and Becky|ggg

Happy Birthday to our cousin Kim! We have many happy memories ([and photos]( from our trip to visit her in Russia earlier this year.

Where’s George?

At work today I was handed a $20 bill with []( printed on the back. I love Where’s George but hadn’t been there or seen a marked bill in a while.

I logged on and entered the bill and was quite surprised when I saw the [results page](

I love coincidences like that!

Eastern Fells

fff|ggg|eastern_fells/P1040684|Half Mile Pond|ggg|fff

On Saturday, Becky had an outing with her friends [Jill]( and Kendra. We planned our day so that the outing could occur on our way up to Townsend for the weekend, so we drove from Beverly to Woburn, where the ladies met up at the [Crate and Barrel]( factory outlet. While they shopped and had lunch, I did a bit of adventuring.

I hiked around the Eastern Fells, part of the [Middlesex Fells Reservation]( The Fells is one of my favorite parks in the metro Boston area. I hiked down the blue blaze trail to the yellow blaze trail. It was probably a 15-20 minute hike each way, with a couple of somewhat steep spots, and lots of rocks. I hiked down the yellow trail to the edge of Spot Pond. If you’ve ever driven the section of I-93 in between Boston and Route 128, you have probably seen Spot Pond. It’s an enormous body of water to the east of the highway, with a large island in the middle, and some large buildings visible above its eastern shore. Anyway, it’s a very nice area to hike around in, and very close to Boston. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the Boston area.

Becky and I have previously hiked around in the [Western Fells](, which is home to three reservoirs and two climbably towers. The Western Fells are on the opposite side of I-93, and the trail systems are mostly separate, save for the Cross-Fells trail.

You can view all of my [Eastern Fells]( photos.

How appropriate.

I was poking around the staff library at work when I found this little gem of a book: aaa|The American Frugal Housewife|048640840X|aaa by Lydia Maria Child and published in 1844. It is full of helpful hints on how to tell if walnuts are ready for pickling and how housewives should be sure to employ their children in making their own clothes, etc.

With all the talk about the price of gas the past few days, I thought that this passage was particularly timely. While there may not be anything individuals can do about the rising prices, they can change their practices to save, none-the-less. Child tells us not to be ashamed of our frugality, but to embrace it.

>We never shall be prosperous till we make pride and vanity yeild to the dictates of honesty and prudence! We never shall be free from embarrassment until we cease to be ashamed of industry and economy. Let woman do their share towards reformation- Let their fathers and husbands see them happy without finery; and if their husbands and fathers have (as is often the case) a foolish pride in seeing them decorated, let them gently and gradually check this feeling, by showing thatthey have better and surer means of commanding respect- Let them prove, by the exertion of ingenuity adn economy, that neatness, good taste, and gentility, are attainable without great expense.

Thanks, Lydia!

Dolla bills, y’all

Without going into the actual monetary values, our [ING Direct]( savings account has generated more than 10 times the interest in the year so far than it did for the entire year of 2004. And our balance is more than 50 times what it was at this time last year.


p.s. If you’re interested in setting up an account at ING Direct (they have a 3.3% APR right now!), let me know, and we can help each other out with some referral bonuses. 🙂