Today, Becky and I celebrate three years of marriage!

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Last night while we were watching [Gilmore Girls](, Becky said that I was like [Luke](, only with shorter hair. If I had to pick a character on that show to be compared to, it would definitely be Luke, because he’s pretty darn cool. So thanks for the compliment, and thanks for three wonderful years. 🙂

P.S. I would also like to wish a happy anniversary to [Marc]( and Vanessa, whose wedding was the day before ours, and an apparently not-so-happy anniversary to [Nick and Jessica](, whose wedding was on the same day as ours.

9 thoughts on “Three

  1. Ken & Terri F.

    Happy Anniversary to you 2! Sounds like you can go skiing up there already! May you have many, many more!

  2. Jeremy

    Happy (extremely, unbelievably and inexcusably belated) anniversary. I’m so sorry I missed it, guys. You two are the best stinking people ever, and I missed the day you two put aside your fear of cooties and got married! Well, happy anniversary, and God bless both of you with all the joy marriage has to offer.

  3. christine

    Happy anniversary — we’re on 13 heading to 14 and coming up on 20 years since our first date (april fools, 1987) which is just crazy!

    Many years of blessing and God’s Grace to both of you. cheers!

  4. kellan

    Congrats, especially as Scott Patterson seems like the only person on the set who isn’t phoning it in for the last few seasons. (oh, and congrats on the whole 3 year thing as well)


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