Gordon College Web Nexus = Gordonexus!

I have revitalized and reorganized [Gordonexus](http://prwdot.org/gordonexus.html), the page where I keep track of the webpages of various folks who have attended [Gordon College](http://www.gordon.edu/) (in Wenham, MA – not that annoying, bane of my Google searching existence, Gordon College in Barnesville, GA… curse you!). Mainly, I have now organized the listings first by year of graduation, then alphabetical by last name. I had a few difficult cases where I had to split up married couples since they graduated from different classes, and also some people who are married, but whose spouses did not graduate from Gordon.

The Gordonexus has a permanent link on the left side of our site under the ‘Site Content’ heading. As always, if you would like to recommend a new site to link to, or correct/update/remove information, please let me know!

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