Like a Freight Train

Today was Becky’s second prenatal exam, and I was able to go with her! The coolest part was getting to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Using a [Doppler device](,1510,9851,00.html) which plays the sound on a speaker, we were able to listen in. The sound was like a tiny freight-train, chuggin’ away at a healthy 160 beats per minute. Awesome! Mom and baby are both doing fine, though Becky is still suffering from a cold that has been dragging on for about two months. The doctor says that it’s quite normal to have long colds during pregnancy, and that other than taking medicine to treat the symptoms, there’s not much we can do.

Becky has an ultrasound scheduled in about a month, which is very exciting!

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3 thoughts on “Like a Freight Train

  1. christine

    Hey! Awesome to hear. May the belly be blessed. Take lots of vitamins, stay hydrated, and take care of getting over that cold so you can enjoy the best trimester — number 2 is the best!

    I won’t tell you about number 3.

  2. Tim

    Congrats! I haven’t heard the heartbeat yet. We thought we could hear it today, but it was a no go with the machine they had. There’s another appointment in a couple of weeks that I can go to, though. My wife is prone to colds, too, but luckily has avoided her annual autumn sinus infection. Now we just have to get through the rest of the winter. Good luck!


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