Longest Commute Ever

Well, for me at least. Normally it takes me 25 minutes to get home. I leave at 4:45 and get home by 5:10. Today, I left at 4:35 and got home at 7:25. Two hours and fifty minutes! Here’s to hoping that future winter storms, which will certainly be worse than this one, do not produce such a horrible commute. We’ve made it through worse than this. Everyone just take it easy, stay clear of the driver in front of you, and don’t slam on those brakes!

2 thoughts on “Longest Commute Ever

  1. christine

    i stayed home but went to salem for our company christmas party. 20 minutes from groveland to down town danvers. 2 hours from downtown danvers to endicott st (off 35) and then 15 minutes from endicott st. to hawthorne hotel.

    everyone was trying to get around 128, but no one knew their way around for the most part so it was horrrrrrrible.

    had the party been awful, the trip would not have been worth it. but it rocked and i was home in 1/2 hour (midnite to 12:30)


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