Christmas Part 1

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Since Becky and I are going to be visiting my family in Pennsylvania for Christmas, we did Christmas with Becky’s family this weekend.

Saturday morning we [exchanged gifts]( with Ken, Dianne, and [Corey]( We got some nice stuff, including [Marriott]( gift cards so that we can have a weekend getaway before the baby arrives. We gave some nice stuff too, including a pair of magnetic mechanic’s gloves to Ken, some knitted wrist warmers for Dianne, and a [book safe]( for Corey.

Saturday afternoon we had Christmas lunch with the Lowe family ([pictures available with family login]( It was good to see everybody, and to have a chance to play with the twins. They’re getting quite talkative and inquisitive… it makes me look forward even more to having kids of our own. 🙂

On Sunday, we saw some of the Quitadamo family at Kevin and Susie’s Narnia Brunch ([pictures available with family login]( It was quite a busy party, with lots of kids, ice skating, hockey, and sledding outside, Turkish Delight and Narnia memorabilia inside, and even an appearance by Santa!

Christmas Part 2 will be this weekend, when we will be driving down to [Schuylkill Haven, PA]( to spend time with my mom’s side of the family. Alas, it is only for a few days, but that’s all part of the changing traditions of a [20something Christmas](

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