Awesome Gifts

This morning, Becky and I exchanged our Christmas gifts to each other. You can ask Becky about what I got her, I’m just going to say, one of the thing I got her was the dermaroller that she wanted so much, but I just had to rave about the awesome [stuff she got me (and the baby)](

What have I done to deserve such an awesome wife?

She is even more awesome now, because after a [tremendous response on Craftster](, her geeky onesies have been picked up by [the MAKE blog](! Sweet!

5 thoughts on “Awesome Gifts

  1. nikkiana

    I love love love all the presents Becky made for you, Peter! 😀

    Whenever Matt and I get around to having kids she’s going to have to help me make geeky baby clothes! 😀


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