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For those who haven’t already noticed, I have switched my [Linklog]( from []( to [Yahoo!](’s [My Web 2.0]( service. Every time I come across an interesting link that I’d like to remember, or that I’d like to share with everyone, I add it to My Web 2.0. Occasionally these links make it over to our regular blog, but more often than not, the Linklog is the only place to find them. If you would like to follow along, you can simply check out the [Linklog]( page, or even better, subscribe to the [Linklog feed]( (also available from our [Feed info page](

My reasoning for the switch has to do with’ recent [acquisition by Yahoo!]( and Yahoo!’s My Web 2.0 serve the same function: saving, tagging, and organizing collections of links, as well as sharing these links with the web community (if you so desire). I don’t believe that these two products, performing the exact same function, will exist as separate entities for very long. I also don’t believe that offers enough advantages over Yahoo!’s existing offering to make it compelling for Yahoo! to keep around. So I’m just making a pre-emptive switch over to My Web 2.0, because I think that’s where the future is. I am sure that if you don’t switch, there will be some sort of transition in the future… but I’d rather just make the switch now.

If you’re looking for a great way to keep track of your links, try [My Web 2.0](

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