Geeky Onesies A Hit!

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So those Geeky Onesies that Becky made me for Christmas have become quite the sensation!

First, I [raved over them]( on Christmas. Then our relatives in Pennsylvania thought they were great when we showed them off later that day. Just recently, Becky posted them on the [Craftster forum]( where they were received with a great response. And yesterday we discovered that Leah, the admin of [Craftster]( (and fellow Boston-area resident) had submitted the Geeky Onesies to [MAKE](, a do-it-yourself magazine/book run by [O’Reilly Media]( MAKE [posted about the onesies earlier this week](! That’s pretty awesome in both geeky and crafty circles!

I have created a new album just for the onesies [here]( At this point, Rebecca has *not* revealed her plans, if any, for doing any further work with Geeky Onesies. But if you have any thoughts for her, be sure to let us know, either by leaving a comment on this entry, or by contacting her via our [contact page](

Update 01/13/2006

We’ve got another mention, this time at one of my new regular reads, [Daddy Types](, the “Weblog for New Dads”. Cool!

Update 2 01/13/2006

Whoops, and there are even more links that I’ve found by way of searching for the Craftster thread. I was searching for links to our blog, but since most people are just linking to the Craftster thread, that didn’t turn up anything. Becky’s work was mentioned over at [Darryl Smith @ Radioactive Networks](, and also at [Yes, I’m Canadian](

7 thoughts on “Geeky Onesies A Hit!

  1. Susie

    Nothing wrong w/Geeky Onesies, but my first thought upon viewing them was adorkable…maybe “adorkable baby” wear?


  2. jennifair

    Bec, I love those onesies, and so much attention to them (and you!) is much deserved! That magazine (Make) is really interesting… Matt gets it, and gave me the issue in which they teach you how to make your own guitar. (It’s on my list of things to do this year.) Now they just need to put those babies (or rather clothes for babies!) in print and you’ll have to set up! 😉

  3. Melanie

    Maybe Angeline Jolie or Katie Holmes will contact you to make Geeky Onesies for their babies. Then you’ll be even more famous.

    You’re so crafty…just like your mom.

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