Pseudo St. Pat’s

Last night, [Jenny]( hosted a ‘Pseudo St. Patrick’s Day Party’ at her apartment. It was the first time we had been up there since she got some real furniture, and I must say it was quite a cozy place! [Jeremy and Angela]( and [Chris, Naomi and Carl]( were also there. We had plenty of good food, including Irish soda bread and some type of cheesy vegetable soup brought in by Mrs. Rainville. We also watched [Darby O’Gill and the Little People](, a funny little Walt Disney film from 1959 featuring none other than Sean Connery!

I had decided to just bring the camcorder, so I shot a bit of video and took a few photos. You can find the photos [here]( Alas, the camcorder’s built-in camera is just not that great at taking photos indoors in low light. Next time I’ll bring the real camera!

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