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February Hometown Six

fff|ppp|City Hall

Beverly City Hall


We’ve *mostly* completed Michelle’s [February Hometown Six](, so [here are the photos](! We do still need to get a photo of the ‘shopping complex’, but since we don’t really have one within a short walk of our apartment, and I don’t regularly drive past one (in our hometown), we’ll have to make a special trip to catch it. 🙂 So in the meantime, we’ve ‘cheated’ and posted a Google satellite photo of one of our shopping centers.

You can see all of our photos [here]( Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size photos with some extra informative notes!

Je me souviens

fff|ppp|The Olympic Tower

The Olympic Tower


This past weekend, Becky and I took a trip up to [Montreal]( Becky’s parents had given us [Marriott]( gift certificates for Christmas so that we could have one last getaway before our baby was born. Neither of us had visited Montreal before, and it was a place we both wanted to go, so even though it’s a bit cold this time of year, up we went!

Highlights of the trip:

– Discovering that rural Quebec is much like rural Ohio.
– [SpringHill Suites Old Montreal](, our hotel. Great location, cozy suites, nice free breakfast. A much fancier hotel than we would normally stay in, but since we didn’t have to pay for it… 🙂
– Dinner at [Restaurant du Vieux Port]( Delicious peppercorn steak, cozy atmosphere, right around the corner from our hotel.
– [Montreal High Lights](, a festival designed to light up the cold dreary nights of February in Montreal. We did the [Ice Slide]( and saw [Choreography for Snowplows]( (like [Blue Man Group]( with snowplows).
– The [Underground City](
– The [McCord Museum]( of Canadian History.
– [Parc Jean-Drapeau](
РThe [Montreal Biosph̬re](
– [Casino Montreal]( We didn’t gamble, but we did enjoy their buffet!
– [Parc Olympique](, site of the 1976 Summer Olympics. We took a ride up the funicular to the Montreal [Tower Observatory](, as well as a guided tour of the stadium. Very cool!
– [Poutine]( Not a dish I would regularly want to eat, but an interesting regional delicacy nonetheless.
– [St. Joseph’s Oratory]( Second largest basilica dome next to St. Peter’s.

We’d definitely like to visit Montreal again, but next time we’ll do it when the weather is a bit warmer!

You can see all of our photos from the trip [here](

Birthday. Birthday.

Today is a day of Birthdays. Well, two birthdays. I was going to post them in ‘date’ order, but then I realized that both ladies were not only born on the same day…but the same year! So I’ll post in the order in which we met.

ppp|Melanie and Rebecca in Chicago|ppp

Happy Birthday to Melanie! We hope your first birthday BACK in Mentor is just as memorable as your FIRST birthday in Mentor. Did that make sense? 🙂

ppp|Jenny's Glamour Shot|ppp

and Happy Birthday to Jenny… Living it up and celebrating during school vacation week!