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February Hometown Six

fff|ppp|City Hall

Beverly City Hall


We’ve mostly completed Michelle’s February Hometown Six, so here are the photos! We do still need to get a photo of the ‘shopping complex’, but since we don’t really have one within a short walk of our apartment, and I don’t regularly drive past one (in our hometown), we’ll have to make a special trip to catch it. 🙂 So in the meantime, we’ve ‘cheated’ and posted a Google satellite photo of one of our shopping centers.

You can see all of our photos here. Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size photos with some extra informative notes!

Je me souviens

fff|ppp|The Olympic Tower

The Olympic Tower


This past weekend, Becky and I took a trip up to Montreal. Becky’s parents had given us Marriott gift certificates for Christmas so that we could have one last getaway before our baby was born. Neither of us had visited Montreal before, and it was a place we both wanted to go, so even though it’s a bit cold this time of year, up we went!

Highlights of the trip:

We’d definitely like to visit Montreal again, but next time we’ll do it when the weather is a bit warmer!

You can see all of our photos from the trip here.

Birthday. Birthday.

Today is a day of Birthdays. Well, two birthdays. I was going to post them in ‘date’ order, but then I realized that both ladies were not only born on the same day…but the same year! So I’ll post in the order in which we met.

ppp|Melanie and Rebecca in Chicago|ppp

Happy Birthday to Melanie! We hope your first birthday BACK in Mentor is just as memorable as your FIRST birthday in Mentor. Did that make sense? 🙂

ppp|Jenny's Glamour Shot|ppp

and Happy Birthday to Jenny… Living it up and celebrating during school vacation week!