Beautiful day for a bridge walk

Yesterday we had some gorgeous weather here in our city by the sea. Becky and I took the opportunity to go out for a walk over to the Beverly-Salem Bridge with Catherine.

ppp|Becky and Catherine on the bridge|ppp

You can see all o’ the pics [here]( Incidentally, you may notice that I have filed this album under ‘Events’ rather than ‘Baby’. I figure that most of the photos we take in the forseeable future are going to have something to do, at least tangentially, with Catherine, so I’m going to start placing them into the appropriate albums, either ‘Events’ or ‘Travels’, depending on the content and context.

Also, for those of you who have just started reading our blog since hearing the news of Catherine, you should know that we normally write posts about topics other than our baby. While Catherine’s birth has certainly been the main event of the past three weeks, and thus has had an overwhelming number of posts dedicated to it, don’t be surprised if you see a few posts here and there related to something other than Catherine. 😉 If, however, you are only interested in reading about Catherine, you can simply bookmark the ‘Baby’ blog archives. You can find this by looking at the left hand side of our site, clicking on ‘Blog Archives,’ and then clicking on ‘Baby’.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful day for a bridge walk

  1. christine

    I liken it to our move. The packing, the moving, the aftermath all ate my life whole. In a not good way. Yours is in a good way. So don’t sweat writing a lot about the baby.

    Your life will be a lot about the baby for some time to come. Your life is redefined. You are different. Relish it and don’t let anyone give you noise about the amount of time you spend with her, how you can’t go places because of her, how you talk about her all the time.

    You’re expected to, and will love every minute of it, even the not so fun minutes.

    cheers and happy father’s day Peter.

  2. Peter Post author

    Actually, I have stuff to write about other than the baby, I just don’t want to disappoint all of our new readers who have started visiting mostly to read about the baby. 🙂


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