Grandma and Grandpa Wood

It’s been a busy week here in the Wood household!

My parents arrived here on Wednesday evening, so we have spent quite a bit of time with them, giving them plenty of opportunities to hold Catherine and get to know her. I’ve put up an album with [photos of Grandma and Grandpa Wood](, as well as an album with photos of a trip we took yesterday to [look at furniture]( – rocking chairs in particular. They’re here through Sunday morning, and the three of us will miss having them around… but we will get to see them again in July for my cousin Johanna’s wedding.

On Tuesday, [Jenny]( came down to visit Catherine, and also brought dinner for us. We had pasta with a meat sauce recipe Jenny got from the Food Network… yum. 🙂 I also took a few [photos of her and Catherine](

On Monday, we drove out to Townsend to see Becky’s parents, and meet up with her aunt and uncle Kevin and Susie and their boys Hugo and Elliott. The boys did some frog hunting out at the pond… I think they ended up catching (and releasing) in the neighborhood of 3-5 frogs. Nice work, guys! They also got to meet their new cousin (first cousin once removed, that is). We took some [photos of the day](, but that album requires a family login to view. If you need a family login, just register for an account in [our gallery](, and I will add you to the family group.

Today, we’re meeting up with [Amy]( and [Will](’s parents for lunch. They had plans to be out in the northeast for a trip, and asked if they could stop by to visit Catherine. Of course! In the meantime, my parents are making the rounds, visiting my dad’s siblings in the area. We’ll be meeting up with them later this afternoon for ice cream.

Tomorrow is my last day before going back to work – alas! It has been a wonderful two weeks off. Some people might not consider it a vacation, but I definitely enjoyed getting to spend every minute of it with my family and friends. It will be hard to leave my girls at home and go back to work, but I think it will be good for everyone to get back into a routine.

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