Beverly Homecoming

This Sunday, Becky, Catherine and I took part in some of the events around [Beverly’s 40th Annual Homecoming]( In the early afternoon, we took a tour of the [US Coast Guard](’s [Hospital Point Light]( Normally closed to the public, they open the grounds and lighthouse for tours one day a year during Homecoming. There is a private home on the grounds, which is the residence of the Commander of the First Coast Guard District. I must say, it’s a pretty nice perk for the commander… the grounds are gorgeous, the view is spectacular, and I’m assuming that the house is pretty nice inside too. As the house is a private residence, they don’t do tours inside, but they do allow you to walk around the grounds and climb up to the top of the light. Catherine had a lot of fun on her first trip to a lighthouse!

ppp|Peter and Catherine|ppp

Mom and Dad enjoyed it, too. 🙂

We also went to [Lynch Park]( to check out the [Guild of Beverly Artists]( exhibit, and later on, we returned to the park to have some fried food at Dick and June’s, listen to the “Night Owls” concert, and to see the Re/Max hot air balloon!


You could take a ride in the balloon for a $5 donation, but, frankly, the balloon didn’t go much higher than the tops of the trees in the park, and the line was pretty long, so we just watched and enjoyed our dinners. All in all, it was a very nice, relaxing day, with lots of fun activities in our little hometown. You can check out [all of the pics](

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